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Institutional settings and functions

Institutional settings and functions


First, the party group


Main functions: study and formulate the work plan for party building, guide and inspect the work of grassroots party organizations; be responsible for external propaganda, spiritual civilization, political and ideological work; be responsible for discipline inspection, key project supervision, internal performance appraisal, party style and clean government construction; , the handling of letters and visits and the collection and management of archives, management, etc.; responsible for the organization and labor and personnel management of the institutions and affiliated institutions; responsible for the construction and maintenance of the website of the unit; responsible for the united front work (including Taiwan-related affairs) Responsible for the drafting of important comprehensive manuscripts such as development zone plans, summaries, and leadership speeches, and complete other textual work assigned by the management committee leaders; responsible for leading the legal affairs of the development zone, docking legal counsel, and doing a good job of external cooperation Agreement, contract drafting guidance and customs clearance; organize legal knowledge training, provide business guidance for legal affairs of various departments, provide consulting services; handle 12345 work orders; be responsible for foreign affairs visits; Visiting service worker ; In charge of confidential work, including docking Government Office, District Office and District level departments send and receive documents work, as well as the various departments within the docking zone be working document flow.


Second, the policy research room


Main responsibilities: work around the center of the development zone, conduct investigations and studies on major issues in the economic development of the park and new situations and new problems in practice, and propose forward-looking staff opinions on work ideas, guidelines, plans, and policy measures. Provide services for leading scientific decision-making; collect, organize and synthesize important information on domestic and foreign economic, cultural and social aspects, and provide reference and countermeasures for leadership decision-making.


Third, the Ministry of Administration


Main responsibilities: Cooperate with major foreign affairs activities, important leadership visits, guest reception and daily logistics services for various conferences and receptions; be responsible for the procurement, registration management and daily maintenance of Nanjing Pukou Economic Development Co., Ltd.; Canteen management, vehicle management work; responsible for the daily management of security management, equipment maintenance, environmental sanitation, etc. in the office area of ​​the management committee, and the preparation and disposal of emergency plans. Responsible for the daily management of the development center of the development zone (currently transferred to the Science City); responsible for the management of two sets of staff and dormitory in Kanghua Community; formulating relevant systems for logistics management and supervising and inspecting; responsible for the work of the counterparts of the district government and the assignment of superiors Other jobs.


Fourth, the union


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the formation of the trade unions of the park enterprises and the development of members, the training of trade union cadres, the creation and training of model workers' homes, model workers' small families, and excellent trade union workers; responsible for collective consultation and open and democratic management of factory affairs Advance and demonstration, selection and cultivation of pilot enterprises, creation of harmonious labor relations enterprises; responsible for ideological and political education and cultural and technical education of employees, establishment, management and activities of volunteer service teams, training of civilized workers and the most beautiful people, and society Propaganda of core values ​​of the society; responsible for the recommendation, declaration and management of the model workers at all levels, the activities of “double creation”, the labor competition of the Ankang Cup, and the struggle for the “Worker Pioneer”; responsible for the legal service assistance work of the labor union in the park Legal propaganda, supervision, assistance, participation in labor disputes; responsible for the rescue of employees in difficulty, labor model, first-line staff recuperation; responsible for the protection of special rights and interests of female employees and the construction and maintenance of loving maternal and child rooms; responsible for the planning and organization of various cultural and sports activities And implementation and staff cultural and sports activities The construction and maintenance; responsible Co., Ltd. joint union members and union members condolences (festivals, difficult rescue workers, weddings and marriage, etc.), the sports activities of planning, organization and conduct and so on.


V. Finance Department


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the preparation, review, accounting, and financial data verification of the accounting documents of each subsidiary of the development zone; financial statements and financial report preparation and reporting of the development zone; monthly tax returns for each subsidiary and good bill management, complete income tax The work of clearing the payment; cooperate with the accounting firm to do the annual and semi-annual financial audit work of the development zone; in accordance with the accounting file system, properly keep all kinds of accounting vouchers, account books, statements and accounting materials, and regularly organize them into volume archives; The department and the audit, finance, taxation and other departments shall compile and report various relevant statements; compile the financial revenue and expenditure plan of the development zone, and do a good job in revenue and expenditure management; do a good job in financial analysis and grasp the overall financial status of the development zone; Financial management of assets; docking and liaison with financial institutions, banks, governments and relevant departments; collecting and sorting financing information, establishing financing channels; analyzing, discussing, operating, and implementing various financing methods; providing various banks and financial institutions with Basic data, statements, project information, and various financial figures , With banks and financial institutions to complete the financing of the project. Prepare the loan repayment plan for the development zone, calculate the monthly interest payment situation; regularly submit the various debt situation reports to the higher financial departments and financial institutions to cooperate with the platform companies in the region to do the guarantee formalities and provide basic information. Responsible for all fund management, rational allocation of funds, handling financial revenues and expenditures according to regulations, ensuring the normal operation of funds, balancing funds; responsible for the management and maintenance of bank accounts; responsible for cash collection and payment and bank settlement business, registration of cash and bank journals, timely Pass the accounting vouchers, do a good job in accounting with accounting; be responsible for check management and employee remuneration; be responsible for the transfer of funds; prepare and report various fund statements.


6. Finance and Taxation Branch


Main responsibilities: Responsible for preparing the annual budget and implementation of the development zone; Responsible for organizing the financial revenue of the development zone to ensure the completion of the general budget revenue indicator; Responsible for docking the relevant departments of the higher level, doing a good job in the management of the relevant policies of the enterprises entering the park, and doing a good job of “enterprise support” every year. According to the annual fiscal revenue target, carefully calculate the tax source, reasonably decompose the task, and actively coordinate the taxation department to do a good job in corporate tax collection and management; responsible for managing the collection, collation, filing, development and utilization of financial accounting files, etc. jobs.


7. State-owned Office


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the registration of state-owned assets and management of property rights; responsible for the supervision and management of state-owned assets in the development zone; responsible for the management and supervision of property rights transactions of state-owned assets; responsible for bidding and contract signing of assets acquisition evaluation and auditing of development zones; The assessment and audit of state-owned assets acquisition; responsible for the inventory and account verification of state-owned assets; responsible for the statistical analysis of state-owned assets; responsible for the information on the project payment management system of the development zone is recorded; responsible for the project price control list review; Project project settlement audit; responsible for budget review of small project projects; responsible for project cost calculation; responsible for PPP project pre-plan demonstration and warehousing declaration, bidding, contract signing; responsible for project project settlement audit unit bidding, contract signing; responsible for engineering Project pre-settlement data is archived.


8. Economic Development Board


Main Responsibilities: Responsible for monitoring and analyzing the economic operation situation, doing a good job in promoting the import and export, service trade and other related indicators of the sector; responsible for sorting out the industrial enterprises to be put into production, cultivating new-scale enterprises; The enterprise service work of the operation helps the enterprise to declare the projects of the work letter, development and reform, and the municipal supervision bureau; strengthen the docking with the human and social departments, do a good job in the labor, training and labor relations coordination of the enterprise; The supervision and supervision of regional financial risk events of enterprises.


9. Science and Technology Talent Bureau


Main responsibilities: Leading the development of the park's science and technology work plan, innovation and entrepreneurship policy, promoting the construction of regional science and technology innovation system; organizing the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, implementing the selection, reporting, review and management of various special science and technology plans; Promote the development of science and technology service industry policies and recommendations, guide the construction of science and technology carrier infrastructure, promote the construction of science and technology platform and the sharing of scientific and technological resources; be responsible for the creation, use, protection and management of intellectual property rights in the park, and guide enterprises to carry out intellectual property work; Management services for the cultivation (introduction), declaration, settlement and policy redemption of scientific and technological talent projects, and the use and management of special funds for scientific and technological talents.


X. Statistics Bureau


Main responsibilities: Adhere to the statistics according to law, strictly implement the State's "Statistics Law", ensure the authenticity, consistency, timeliness and completeness of the system-wide statistical data and statistical information; often go deep into the enterprise, do business training and supervision, and pass the system. Ensure the normal operation of statistical work in enterprises and parks; timely report the analysis of statistical data in development zones, and provide early warning and monitoring of data.


XI. Engineering Construction Bureau


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the preliminary work such as the infrastructure, various types of housing construction, river courses, landscape projects, etc., and the design and supervision of the project, such as design, supervision, follow-up audit, construction and other related units. Contract signing and other work; responsible for the safety, quality, schedule, and cost management during the construction process; organize the project acceptance and handle the relevant project handover procedures; be responsible for the collection, management, and archiving of the project construction archives, organize the completion and settlement; Access to the site leveling, water, electricity, gas, rain, sewage treatment, etc.; responsible for the environmental assessment of the park project and the environmental assessment of the enterprises and self-built projects; responsible for the creation of provincial eco-industrial parks jobs.


12. Environmental Protection Division


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the supervision of the secondary grid environment in the park; Responsible for the pre-examination of the EIA project in the park; Assisting in the EIA review of the industrial projects and infrastructure projects in the park; Cooperating with the higher-level environmental management department to assist the enterprises in the project Completion of environmental protection acceptance work; responsible for docking with the self-built infrastructure project EIA preparation unit, providing relevant information and information in a timely manner; coordinating the annual review of pollution source investigation and enterprise sewage discharge permit; responsible for environmental protection publicity work; responsible for docking superior department 263 The office, the dust office and other departments will do a good job in the public response work of the park; it is responsible for completing other relevant environmental protection tasks assigned by the management committee.


13. Planning Bureau


Main responsibilities: Responsible for overall urban planning and control detailed planning; responsible for vertical and pipeline integrated planning management; responsible for urban design management in important areas; responsible for special planning and management of drainage and transportation. Responsible for housing construction project general plan, preliminary design, construction drawing design management; responsible for road project proposal, engineering feasibility study report, preliminary design, construction drawing design management; responsible for greening project plan, construction drawing design management; responsible Design bidding and contract management. Responsible for docking planning sub-bureau: handling site selection opinions, planning and design points, general approval, land use planning permit, project planning permit, etc.; responsible for handling pipeline design points, pipeline total equality procedures (self-built projects); responsible for docking Development and Reform Bureau: approval of project proposal, approval of engineering feasibility study report, preliminary design approval; responsible for filing and approval of project approval (self-built project); responsible for docking traffic bureau: handling road project engineering feasibility study report review , preliminary design review, construction drawing review procedures; responsible for the docking construction bureau: handling the self-built housing construction project construction drawing review procedures (self-built projects); responsible for docking water bureau and transportation bureau: handling flood assessment, aviation assessment and other procedures; Responsible for the docking of the Urban Management Bureau: handling the green stamping procedures for the greening project. Responsible for project site selection; responsible for project topographic map and pipeline map application; responsible for project preliminary red line and planning conditions application; responsible for planning preliminary plan for initial planning; responsible for coordination of problems in enterprise planning procedures.


14. Land Bureau


Main responsibilities: Responsible for docking the urban land department, paying attention to the compilation and revision of the overall land use planning, land use annual plan, land consolidation and reclamation development plan, strengthening regional land use scheduling and management, and striving to ensure the development land use indicators of the park; Good land acquisition and post-approval implementation after approval; responsible for the handling and approval of forest transfer procedures in the region; responsible for land allocation and allocation in the region, ensuring land supply for key projects; The project will do a good job in land handling and land handling.


Fifteen, Seven Dam Port Area Construction Management Promotion Office


Main responsibilities: Responsible for research and implementation of policies and regulations related to the development and management of the port area. Participate in research and development and organize the implementation of preferential policies and promotion measures in the port area to promote the construction and development of the port area in terms of planning, land, finance and taxation, talents and public facilities. Promote planning and preparation, strictly implement control planning and special planning, and do a good job in planning and management of the port area. Participate in the formulation of the implementation plan for infrastructure and supporting construction, and cooperate with the work of quality, schedule, cost, completion acceptance. Assist the security supervision, engineering, environmental protection and other departments to do a good job in the safe, civilized construction and environmental management of the port area. Strengthen the management of enterprise planning, construction, land and shoreline use in the port area, and do a good job in port area projects and enterprise services. Organize investment promotion, promotion, exchange and cooperation in the port area. Responsible for the collection, collation and filing of information in the port area. To undertake other matters assigned by the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the Development Zone.


XVI, the Ministry of Land Transfer


Main responsibilities: Responsible for docking related streets, assisting in land acquisition and house demolition and relocation and other land acquisition and demolition work; responsible for reviewing, analyzing and summarizing the demolition and resettlement and compensation for young crops, ensuring complete and accurate data; responsible for land acquisition and demolition The collection of data and the management of file construction; docking Kangju Group, Qiaolin Street, Tangquan Street, Development Zone Engineering Bureau and related departments, do a good job in the allocation and coordination of resettlement houses. Responsible for the resettlement work of the demolition personnel; responsible for the safety production inspection of the construction site of the project under construction. Do a good job in coordinating and coordinating the demolition of relevant departments of various functional departments, streets and development zones in the region.


XVII. Safety Supervision Department


Main responsibilities: In accordance with the principle of “management management” and “who is responsible and responsible” for safe production, undertake the daily work of the Development Zone Security Committee, the Consumer Council, and the Food Safety Committee Office, and lead, coordinate, supervise and guide the development zones. Relevant departments, carrier platforms and operating companies work on safety production, fire safety and food safety. Responsible for the safety production, fire safety, food safety supervision and inspection of the local operations of other relevant departments, carrier platforms and operating companies outside the management area of ​​the development zone, and correcting violations of safety production, fire safety, food safety laws and regulations according to law; Coordinate the relevant departments, carrier platforms and operating companies of the development zone to handle the safety production casualties within the scope of management. The relevant departments, carrier platforms and operating company leaders and responsible persons of the development zone must rush to the scene to carry out rescue operations. Properly coordinate the aftermath of the accident.


Eighteen, urban management squadron


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the supervision and management of the city appearance and environmental sanitation of the park. Conduct inspections according to the prescribed time and route, do a good job of patrolling records, and report major problems in a timely manner; be responsible for doing a good job in controlling and violating the park, timely discovering and handling all kinds of illegal construction and stalking, and discouraging and stopping the store from advertising Strengthen the construction supervision of the park, rectify the waste collection points; manage the motor vehicles in the jurisdiction, and prohibit the chaos.


19. Street Park Office


Main responsibilities: Responsible for the promotion of industrial projects in various street custody parks; responsible for infrastructure information of all street custody parks, basic information of enterprises, collection and daily update of enterprise rental and sales information; cooperate with relevant departments of development zones to complete various parks

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