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Nanjing Pukou Economic Development Zone is located at the Cross-river Channel at Weiqi Road in the New City of Pukou. In December 1993, it was approved as a provincial economic development zone by the provincial government, with a planned area of 12.65 square kilometers. In August 2008, Nanjing Cross-Strait Science and Industry Park was relocated to Pukou Economic Zone, with a total area of 16 square kilometers. According to the plan, it was divided into “one park and two zones”, including the science and technology zone six square kilometers to the west of the Weiqi Road Cross-river Tunnel and the manufacturing area 10 square kilometers east of the Qiaolin New City. In July 2009, according to the strategic deployment of Pukou District Government, Pukou Economic Development Zone moved to Qiaolin for the secondary undertaking, being responsible for the construction and capital operation of the 20 km2 of advanced manufacturing base (including the 10 square kilometers of Manufacturing Zone in Nanjing Cross-Strait Science and Industry Park), and focusing on the development of bio-medicine, electronic information, rail transportation, equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other advanced manufacturing industries.

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